Monica Lazar

My name is Monica Lazar. I’m a freelance retoucher, based in Bucharest, Romania. I discovered photography 4 years ago. My first love was food photography and for more than a year my entire free time was only about arranging food in a feminine and delicate manner. Chocolate glaze and crumbs were everywhere but it was totally worth it. I still love every food picture taken back then.

At that moment I didn’t even had the courage to think that one day I will photograph people. It all started when my dear ones asked me to take some photos of them. I might had done a good job, because since that moment, due to the large number of people requests, I hadn’t had any time to think about my fears and my photography skills evolved naturally.

If it were to describe my style, I would use words like “rich”, “feminine” and “colorful”.

I use the Canon 6D with the 135mm L f/2 and the 35mm f/1.4 from Sigma Art. My portraits are taken using only natural light.

I do a lot of retouching using Photoshop. After lots of hours spent in front of my computer, I learned to express my vision using this amazing editing software. It was and it still is a self-learning process, exhausting but very rewarding.